The Book

The Bible has had significant historical, social, and political influences on humanity. More importantly, the Bible continues to significantly influence humanity today. A specific example is today’s conflict in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbors. Israel bases its claim to the land in dispute with the argument that the God of the Bible gave them that land approximately 3,425 years ago as described in the Old Testament of the Judeo Christian bible.

IT’S IN THE BIBLE! takes this same literal approach in interpreting the narrative/scripture concerning the God and events described in the same bible. A few of the many items discussed in this book concerning biblical scripture are:

  • The U.S. is the modern version of Old Testament Israel
  • That the Biblical God is actually a man or manlike entity
  • Inferences to very advanced technology
  • Inferences that Jesus of the Gospel was gay
  • More than one Jesus Christ
  • The second coming has already happened
  • Reincarnation concerning Jesus and the prophets
  • Periodic mass extinction