The Author

Arthur Padilla is a retired high school history teacher. He double majored in Sociology and Political Science and earned a Master’s Degree in Education at Arizona State University. As a child, Arthur was indoctrinated into the Roman Catholic Church where fear and guilt were the primary methods of indoctrination. Arthur would later realize that most or all of his indoctrinators have never read the entire Bible. He realized that they only chose the sections that were convenient for their desired purpose.

As a teenager, Arthur began to seriously question the type of spirituality he had been indoctrinated into and began searching for truth. This search for truth would take him on a journey that most would consider dangerous but to him it was only a natural instinct of survival. There were many obstacles to overcome in this search for truth including drugs, sex, rock and roll, and foolish decisions.

At the age of 18 years, Arthur became aware of a cycle of self-destruction he was trapped in so he decided to join the U.S. Army as a means of escape. After boot camp, on his way to his assigned duty station he stayed overnight at a motel. The television in the cheap motel did not work very well so out of boredom and curiosity Arthur read scripture from a copy of the Gideons Bible he found in the nightstand drawer.

After arriving at his assigned duty station, Arthur bought a copy of the New American Bible and in approximately three months read the entire book from cover to cover.

Forty-five years later in his never-ending search for truth, Arthur would once again read the entire Bible (King James Version) and combine it with the formal and informal education he has gained in this journey called life to write this book.